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As We Head Into Our 47th Year Of trading We Are Delighted To Introduce You To Our New Identity And Our  Refreshed Logo

From 2021 all Companies within our Group  operate under the banner of Hankinson - a recognised and valued brand in the industry for over 46 years.

Hankinson is moving from strength to strength. Over the past 3 years Hankinson has  evolved beyond being just a painting contractor into a much more diverse operation with a full range of property maintenance services. We deliver a service of the highest quality and looks to enrich every building and structure it works on.

Hankinson has also evolved into a much more socially responsible business - a business with strong values. a business that cares about the people who work for it and in the communities it operates in. it wants to offer something back and enrich those people and communities.

The name and the logo seeks to communicate this evolution. It reflects a new era for the Companyand represents our core values, what we do and how we operate. its an identity that also hopefully communicates a sense of the Compnay and its reason for being.

Providing Complete Property Maintenance Solutions Accross The Country

Companies across the Country have entrusted Hankinson with the comprehensive maintenance and presentation of their properties. With skilled staff, tradespeople and apprentices, we have the expertise to meet your every property maintenance requirement, no matter the industry you’re in. 

We offer a range of services to make your life easier and allow you to focus on the activities that are core to your business.

-  Property Services
-  Hygienic Coatings and Deep Cleaning and Disinfection
-  General Painting Services

-  Long Term Programmed Painting

Navigating Through COVID-19

As the economy and our own business recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic continues, we have layed the foundation for a more transformational phase—“restore and build resilience”—enabling us to accelerate the transformation of our business in ways that elevate the customer and colleague experience and drive long-term growth.

During this phase Hankinson’s top priority is the health and safety of our employees and of the communities we serve.

We want to reassure our clients and give them confidence that our team is ready to  work safely and protect their staff and their stakeholders. We, and the construction industry generally, have worked tirelessly during the pandemic in preparing the necessary processes and procedures to operate safely both on-site, in the office, or remotely. These Include preparing our own COVID-19 specific RAMS and complying with the Site Operating Procedures issued by the Construction Leadership Council (CLC) and the instructions issued by the Department For Business Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) ‘Working Safely During COVID-19’.

We continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic guided by clear principles that align with our company’s mission and values. We firmly believe that on the other side of these unprecedented circumstances, we will all emerge stronger and more resilient than we are today. And as celebrate the 46th anniversary of Hankinson we are focused on executing our “Bridge to the Future” to rebuild sales and get back on track to being Employer of choice and the Property Solutions Company of choice.

For more detailed information:

If you would rather speak to somebody about how we can operate safely on your site or in our offices please call our Head Of Operations Andy Besford on 07887 895731 or our Group SHEQ Manager Colin Cunningham 07596 857145


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