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The storage of oil and gas in large steel structures and the throughput of resources means these structures must be rigorously contained; the impact of a failure within these structures would be catastrophic.

Our services provide a complete service to ensure the integrity of these storage solutions. We can strip, repair and resurface structures providing comprehensive project management to extend the life of your structure significantly. Our surface materials can be designed to last up to 25 years.

Our accreditations in safety, quality and the environment ensure your structure is serviced to the highest industry standards. Our services team will develop a project plan to ensure the impact to your facility is minimised whilst ensuring all of your safety requirements are met.

Depending on the project, we can set up Traffic Control, Scaffolding & Enclosures. We will remove the existing surface from your structures using abrasive blasting, perform any repair work required, including steel repairs and resurface using a long-lasting surface coating.