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Hygiene Solutions For your Compliance Needs

Deep Cleaning and Disinfection and Application of Hygienic Coatings

We provide services to a wide range of Client organisations in very diverse sectors. These include Clients with regulated spaces who need specialist services to maintain high compliance standards for hygiene, and those who work with vulnerable user groups and need to ensure that their premises are clean, hygienic and safe.

We have developed a range of solutions tailored for different environments, from schools to public buildings, gyms and leisure centres, sports stadia, custodial facilities, hotels, student accommodation, retail premises, food preparation areas (canteens, cafes, restaurants), care homes, and healthcare facilities. To directly meet your needs we provide: 

  • Deep Cleaning and Disinfection our solutions include antimicrobial scrubbing, disinfection and ULV fogging. We cover the compliance requirements which apply to the range of recognised standards, for example Physically Clean, Chemically Clean, and Bacteriologically Clean - up to and including NHS standards CA(A) and C21. We quality assure each deep clean through specifications, supervision, audit and certification. This is suitable for areas where visitors suspected or confirmed cases of COVID 19 have visited.
  • Hygienic Coatingswe are the UK's leading approved applicator for hygienic coatings, which are a critical element in the prevention of the spread of infectious bacteria. These are specialist paints, coatings or wall sheeting with different levels of antimicrobial agents or encapsulation, to provide the right solution for each type on the environment at an affordable cost. We quality assure each application through specifications, supervision, audit and the manufacturer's compliance certification.

We know that this is not a 'one size fits all' solution, We work closely with you and your people, listening to your needs, and then designing the right solution for your premises to deliver the hygiene levels with optimal cost efficiency.

So for information on both Hygienic Coatings and Deep Clean and Disinfection Call 07795 548720