Hankinson Giving Back

Hankinson Giving Back is designed to Give-Back to the communities in which Hankinson work; through sustainability, giving back our time and materials to support initiatives, and tackling homelessness and wellbeing.

We will do this by:

Give back our time to support local initiatives such as fundraising for a local charity and carrying out improvement works at a local community centre.

Give back to the environment and donate materials such as waste paint from our sites to local construction colleges and community centres – 60% of our waste paint going to colleges and local community centres.

Work with local companies and suppliers to safely recycle our paint tins.

Give food and donations to local foodbanks in the areas where we are working to tackle homelessness.

Give our time to conduct career talks at local colleges and promote the industry to people from different backgrounds.

Give our time to carry out social value initiatives which have a positive effect on peoples wellbeing and mental health.