Carden Primary School Activity Day

Carden Primary School Activity Day

Our South East team are carrying out pre paint repairs and redecoration work on behalf of Brighton & Hove Council. 

Operations Manager, Martin Baker decided to contact a local primary school to ask if Hankinson could supply all children with our activity book which we have put together to promote our Diversity initiative for Women in Construction. 

As young children enter their first years of school, they’ll get to know peers with a wide variety of abilities, cultures, languages, and backgrounds. It is totally natural for them to notice similarities and differences and express curiosity, and it’s up to the grownups in their lives to not only model acceptance of diversity, but to frame it as a strength. 

The construction industry can always do more for diversity. Women make up about?12% of the workforce in construction. And most of these work in?office positions, not out on site.  

Construction, as an industry, has long suffered from a lack of women joining its professions. We are committed to finding the best person for every role, irrespective of their gender, but are working hard to ensure our business represents an attractive career option for everyone, to increase the number of female applicants we receive. 

All children were really enthusiastic and eager to fill in the books.