Flying Colours: Birmingham Airport Holiday Inn

Flying Colours: Birmingham Airport Holiday Inn



Having recently spent a lot of money on the internal painting of Birmingham Airport Holiday Inn, our client Crest Hotels came back to us in February 2018 and asked for ideas on how to lift the appearance of the property externals, too. The recent internal painting had been carried out by Hankinson Whittle’s Birmingham Team and Property Services Division collaboratively, who were able to specialise in their respective areas of commercial painting and fit-out works.


Internal Redecoration

Using our exclusive supply chain partners we were able to supply, fit and install bespoke materials to create this stunning space in the hotel interior for the hotel guests to enjoy.

In our below photo of the lobby and bar area you will see that, together with the client’s directive, a light, spacious and modern area has been achieved to striking effect.

The contemporary ceiling and lighting design really sets the bar for this project with a completely unique feature.


External Redecoration

For the externals of the hotel, Hankinson Whittle brought in a PPG colour consultant to develop some colour schemes, as well as our Property Services Division to price repairs and access providers. This enabled us to build a complete package offering for the client.

Crest Hotels were presented with the colour concepts and a package of costs including redecoration, repairs and rendering. The colour scheme was discussed and developed to the final draft which has now been completed and works very well on the building, effectively meeting the design brief.

The works were carried out whilst the hotel was fully operational using MEWPs for most high-level works, and scaffold where re-rendering was being carried out.

Following the completed work at Birmingham Airport Holiday Inn for Crest Hotels, Hankinson Whittle received the following client testimonial:

The design brief given was met ‘on-point’, bringing the personality and character from the inside to the outside.

I was very impressed with the quality of work and workmanship.

I wouldn’t have any hesitation in using Whittle again for any future projects, and highly recommend.” – Jason Hiley, Crest Hotels