Our Commitments | Hankinson Whittle

Our Commitment to You

We will always be straight with you. We will work hard to make sure that our relationship is based on open and honest communication at all levels. If we get that right, trust and understanding will develop and we will all be able to succeed.

Our Partnering and Collaborative Working Philosophy

The overall intent of Hankinson's Partnering and Collaborative Working philosophy is to create a strong relationship with our customers, professional teams and our supply chain, which is based on trust and co-operation and represents a genuine partnership.

Our aim is to achieve radical improvements in overall performance for the mutual benefit of all parties. The relationship will enable the development and empowerment of our people, our customers’ people and our supply chain, to provide a value added service to our end users.

Our philosophy is supported by our Chairman and our Managaing Director and is built around six outcomes:

  1. Effective Governance
  2. Knowledge, Creation and Sharing
  3. Choosing the right partners
  4. Appropriate attitudes and behaviours
  5. Demonstration of value creation
  6. Effective Risk Management and Business Continuity


Hankinson Limited is committed to following the 7 principles outlined in ISO 9001 Quality Management:

  1. Engagement of people
  2. Customer Focus
  3. Leadership
  4. Process Approach
  5. Improvement
  6. Evidence-based decision making
  7. Relationship Management
  8. Demonstration of value creation
  9. Effective Risk Management and Business Continuity


Hankinson Limited is committed to the benefits that partnering offers to all the Stakeholders within the Construction Industry including:

  • Suppliers
  • Clients
  • End Users


As such, we have developed our processes and procedures to meet the challenge of working in various forms of partnering and we have been rewarded with a number of partnering relationships in both the public and private sector.


We believe that we offer the following:-

  1. Commitment to early contractor involvement and working together
  2. Transparent systems that suit the auditing target cost and actual costs
  3. Embedded partnering culture
  4. Experience of various forms of partnering contract
  5. Flexibility to meet the challenges of new styles of working
  6. First class health and safety, quality and environmental standard
  7. Commitment to working together on sustainability issues