EPIC Housing Repairs, Maintenance & Refurbishment


Works - Repairs, Maintenance, Refurbishment, Heating Servicing and Kitchen Renewals.
Value - £2M
Contract Length - 2 years 2021 - 2023 Possible extension of 3 further years (5yrs total)
EPIC (Empowering People, Inspiring Communities) is a registered provider of housing who re-let approximately 150 properties per year. In addition to this EPIC acquire typically 50 properties each year, and these properties require a varying degree of refurbishment work. The number of new acquisitions depends upon funding opportunities available.
Scope of Works – Kitchen Renewals
EPIC appointed Hankinson Limited as approved Contractor to carry out repair and refurbishment work to make void 
properties and those which have been acquired ready for occupation. Typical works often include rewiring, new central heating, replacement windows, structural alterations, plastering, renewal of kitchens and bathrooms and external works. 
When repairs work is completed, properties met all relevant legal and regulatory standards including be free from hazards, fit for habitation and meet the Decent Homes standard. In particular, properties were required to meet EPIC’s Lettable Standard. We are responsible for identifying and carrying out works to achieve these standards. 
In addition to the renewal of kitchens and bathrooms in voids and newly acquired properties, EPIC delivers a programme of kitchen and bathroom renewals (circa 100 kitchens per year and 50 bathrooms), which are to be delivered through this contract. The approximate split of delivery of kitchens and bathrooms is a third within void and newly acquired properties and two-thirds through a planned programme instructed by EPIC.  Works include, but are not limited to:
  • The clearance of properties where required. Recycling of items to meet EPIC’s green agenda. 
  • Renewal of components where the existing have reached the end of their life, following approval by EPIC: kitchens, bathrooms, boilers, rewires, and heating systems.
  • Install cookers for new EPIC tenants during the ‘turn on and test’ of the gas supply, to ensure the works have been completed correctly by a qualified installer.
  • Preparation and Installation of kitchen units.
  • To complete an EPC when the required repair or refurbishment works have been completed
  • To issue a valid NEICIC electrical safety certificate, leaving the installation free from C1 and C2 defects.
  • To uncap and test gas supply and issue a valid Landlords Gas Safety Record when the new tenant moves into the property.