Flambards Theme Park Hornet Rollercoaster - Tracks & Support Steelwork

Flambards Theme Park Hornet Rollercoaster - Tracks & Support Steelwork

Flambards Theme Park is the West Country's leading atttraction for rides, exhibitions and family entertainment.

Following recommendations from other UK theme park clients, Whittle Programmed Painting were awarded the contract to provide Flambards with a solution to repaint the park's prestigious rollercoaster. 'The Hornet', erected some 10 years previously, was showing signs of deterioration on the track and supporting steelwork. This meant that, without further treatment, the onset of metal fatigue was inevitable.

Whittle Programmed Painting approached ICI Paints to provide them with a specification suitable to give another 10 years of life. The problems associated with painting a rollercoaster are significant. Although some of the structure was easily accessible from 60' mobile hoists, the majority of access had to be undertaken utilising rope access with operatives harnessed to the steel and walking on the top side of the track. Flambards had pre-advertised the works and programmed a shut-down of the ride for three weeks. Working with up to seven men, Whittle Programmed Painting were able to complete the works one full week ahead of schedule. This in turn allowed the Park to then pre-inspect and run checks on the ride before opening in time for the busy summer schedule.


"Knowing Whittle Programmed Painting had completed similar jobs at other UK theme parks gave us the reassurance we needed. The quality of work coupled with complete site safety was exceptional. The whole project management was extremely professional, and finishing a week early was the icing on the cake for us."

Paul Morris
Technical Services Manager