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Education & Health

We provide extensive services including specialist high performance coatings to the Education and Health Sector on both new construction and refurbishment projects. Surface technology has made enormous improvements over the past few years with the introduction of antibacterial paints and high performance coatings that increase durability.

With the Education and Health Sectors under tight budgetary control and a long-term goal of reducing buildings carbon footprints, it is important that maintenance and fit-outs utilise suitable products that help lower carbon production values and increase durability.

Of specific concern is hygiene regulations for food preparation areas and operating theatres. Traditional coverings can easily become cracked and damaged, providing an ideal breeding ground for bacteria or fungi. We provide solutions that are long-life and combat bacteria, fungi and chemicals, whilst enhancing the look and feel of a building.

Our range of systems is designed to be hard-wearing, and are easily maintained and able to withstand repeated cleaning without degradation to the surface finish or performance. These factors culminate in reductions to your maintenance, refurbishment and carbon footprint costs.

Our maintenance and refurbishment projects have included:

  • High traffic routes (hospital and school corridors)
  • Operating Theatres
  • Food Preparation Facilities
  • Canteens
  • X Ray Rooms
  • Laboratories

Our recent projects have included refurbishment schemes including Swanick Hall School in Afreton.