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About this policy
Hankinson Group Policy is committed to ensuring that its business is conducted in all respects according to ethical, professional and legal standards. This forms an important part of the Groups wider commitment to:
  • Anti-bribery and corruption as set out in our Corporate Governance Policy and
  • Sustainability, as set out in our Group Sustainability Policy
This policy sets out the principles and values of Hankinson Painting Group will support and be guided by in the conduct of the business. This policy applies to all employees and anyone conducting business on behalf of Hankinson Painting Group. Further the Group expects equivalent standards from all it does business with.
The objectives of the business ethics policy are set out below. This is not a complete list and any action which is corrupt, unlawful, dishonest or harmful to others, or is otherwise against the Hankinson Group’s principles and policies will result in disciplinary action (employees) and appropriate sanctions (Suppliers)
Accurate Books and Records
Hankinson must make and keep books, records and accounts that accurately and fairly reflect its transactions in sufficient detail to facilitate a full understanding and audit trail. No false or misleading entries should be made in the books and records of the Hankinson Painting Group for any reason. All contracts and other documents must accurately describe the transactions to which they relate. No payment should be approved without adequate supporting documentation or made with the intention or understanding that all or part of any such payment is to be used for any purpose other than that described by the documents supporting the payment.
In All Dealings
We will:
  • Comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations
  • Comply with our policy on Anti-Bribery and Corruption
  • Comply with our anti-money laundering procedures.
  • Engage in honest and ethical conduct, including the ethical handling or apparent conflicts of interest between personal and professional relationships.
  • Maintain effective procedures to prevent confidential information for personal gain will not be tolerated
  • Be alert to and in accordance with our Corporate Governance Policy, report any suspected bribery, corruption, fraudulent or improper business practices.
Dealing With Shareholders And Other Investors
We are committed to maximising shareholder value over time within a given level of risk which is proportionate to the underlying market. We seek to maintain the highest standards in our communications with our shareholders. By communicating and listening to our existing and potential investors, we seek to establish long term relationships based on mutual understanding and trust. Therefore, Hankinson Group will:
  • Provide timely and truthful financial information in accordance with statutory and regulatory requirements
  • Communicate business policies, achievements and prospects honestly
Dealing With Customers
We are committed to being honest and straightforward in our dealings with customers. Personal contact, helpful and responsive actions are key features of the service we provide. Therefore we will:
  • Treat customers fairly, openly and as we would want to be treated
  • Provide high standards of service
  • Respect the confidentiality of information that we might obtain and retain in relation to clients
  • Take care to avoid untruths, concealment and overstatement in all communications
  • Operate an effective complaints process to deal with situations where these standards are challenged.
Dealing With Employees
We are committed to high standards of employment practice. Therefore we will:
  • Recruit in a fair and transparent manner to avoid risks of unethical candidates being selected
  • Provide a clean, healthy and safe work environment
  • Provide fair and just remuneration packages
  • Implement human resource policies(eg Equality & Diversity & Health & Safety) to ensure that specific standards and objectives are clearly communicated
  • Not tolerate any sexual, physical or mental harassment, discrimination or victimisation of employees
  • Impose disciplinary sanctions up to and including dismissal for violations of our Corporate Governance Policy
  • Ensure that no employee suffers adverse consequences for refusing to pay or receive bribes even if this may result in Hankinson losing business
  • Train all relevant employees on our Corporate Responsibility – anti bribery and corruption section
Dealing With Third Parties
We are committed to developing relationships with third parties such as our agents, joint venture
partners, contractors and suppliers of goods and services based on mutual trust and shared values. In
certain circumstances, Hankinson may be liable for the actions of its third party business partners so it is
imperative that third parties are aware of the Groups zero tolerance of bribery and corruption.
Therefore we will:
  • Maintain high standards of integrity in business relationships with third parties
  • Require our business partners to comply with our Corporate Governance Policy and where possible impose sanctions where there has been a breach
  • Undertake appropriate and proportionate checks taking into account for example the location and nature of services provided
  • Require all employees to conduct business with parties in a professional and ethical manner
  • Encourage third parties to operate with values and principles equivalent to ours, particularly in relation to the standards set out in our Corporate Governance policy and in relation to our suppliers to our Sustainable Procurement Policy.
Dealing With Competitors
We are committed to competing vigorously and in a lawful manner. In doing so we will:
  • Avoid disclosing proprietary or confidential information in any contact with competitors
  • Not attempt to acquire information regarding a competitors business by unlawful means, including industrial espionage, hiring competitors employees to gain confidential information, using competitors employees to disclose confidential information or any other approach which is not ethical
Dealing with Government, Legislation and Regulators
We aim to have constructive and open relationships with Government and regulators to foster mutual trust, respect and understanding. Therefore we will:
  • Maintain high standards of integrity in business relationships with government officials and regulators and undertake business in a transparent way to guard against any circumstance where a public official may attempt to solicit or be requested to accept bribes for the improper use of their duties
  • Prohibit all forms of facilitation payments- small made to local or public officials to enable or speed up a process which it is the officials job to arrange
Dealing With Community and Non-Governmental Organisations
We are aware of our commitment to the communities we operate in and appreciate the interdependence between the success of our business and the wellbeing of those communities
Compliance With This Policy
Hankinson Group aims to maintain high ethical standards when carrying out its business activities. Practices of any sort that are incompatible with the Group’s principles and policies will not be tolerated.
The Board of Directors are ultimately responsible for the compliance with this policy and they will ensure it is communicated to and understood by all employees whilst day to day responsibility for its implementation is delegated to individual Director