Housing 21, 5 Year Framework

Works - Property Maintenance Contract 2021-2026
Value - £2,000,000.00 pa
Contract Length - 5 years 
Scope of Works
Hankinson and our people have a long relationship with Housing 21. Hankinson are on frameworks to deliver the National kitchen and bathroom refurbishment programme along with mini tender and direct awards for various other work types, these include:
  •   Complete kitchen refurbishment and remodelling 
  •   Complete bathroom refurbishment and remodelling 
  •   Wet room installations 
  •   Disabled adaption works 
  •   Property reconfiguration 
  •   Ground works 
  •   Roofing and roofline replacements 
  •   Fire Door installations 
  •   Mechanical and Electrical installations 
  •   Redecoration Void property works
The individual works packages range from a value of £500 to £300,000, the annual value for housing 21 will be circa £2M
Accurate Pre-start inspections: 
We conducted in depth property inspections to assess actual property conditions and completed individual RAMS to cover all hazards and risks in each property. This enabled us to plan, deliver and complete the work in a timely ‘right first time’ manner and allowing for issues such as asbestos removal or access platforms to be efficiently managed. 
Hankinson deploy resources to ensure all phases of the framework are completed on time and to programme. This can range from 1 trades person to complete a reactive repair to a team on 10 or more on a complex refurbishment of a number of empty properties. Hankinson employ in excess of 100 directly employed trades people across our offices, our trades people have a varying skill sets including Painters & Decorators, Carpenters, plasters and tillers, plumbing and multi trades. We also have access to a large selection of SME’s tradespersons across all of the trades that are required to complete the work, in instances were unforeseen absences occur or other instances that affect our workforce availability.
Resource Planning 
We planned the total workload and pipeline, using resource forecasting techniques to plan, co-ordinate and resource: 
  •   Current workload 
  •   Projects which are new to the programme schedules  
  •   Long-term forward workload planned with Housing21  
  •   Contingency situations:                     
  1. Delays
  2. Changes in Client priorities e.g. projects brought forward 
  3. Changes to project scope and size 
  4. Changes to Housing21 budgets 
  5. Skilled labour shortages 
  6. Adverse weather 
  7. Materials supply disruption 
Contingency planning ensures that we are resilient in our service and project delivery plans and processes, with risk situations anticipated and the mitigation actions already in place. Since commencement of this Framework Contract for Housing21 there have been very few resource issues that have caused delay, as we are prepared in advance and adapted with ease and minimal disruption.
Other Risks & Challenges 
We implemented our risk management process for Housing 21’s Framework, to identify and control the other risks that can potentially affect the success of the contract. We continuously apply mitigation actions to manage the risks and report into the contract management/governance meetings. Working collaboratively with the housing association and other stakeholders to ensure we provide a comprehensive approach and clear ownership of risks. 
We maintain a continuous review of the risks, monitored through weekly project management meetings. This is supported by formal reporting and updating of the joint Risk Register at the regular monthly project governance meetings. Our clear communication on risk avoidance and mitigation ensures decisions are made in an informed environment and that the risks are allocated to the party best able to manage and mitigate. 
New risks affecting time, cost or quality can be identified by any member of the collaborative group at any point during this framework. Mitigation of risks are through defined steps recorded in action plans; the team assess the cost and time benefits before mitigation measures are implemented, to ensure that the actions enhance value and outcomes for Housing 21.  
The Risk Register updates incorporate information about: 
  •   Risk description 
  •   Allocation and ownership  
  •   The person responsible for managing each risk 
  •   Deadlines for action 
  •   Actions taken 
  •   Closed-out items and learning 
Hankinson Contracts Managers for Housing 21, Matt Butcher is trained in risk management to ensure we have the right competencies, and this best practice is shared with our subcontractor partners. 
Added Value
As a family run business our social value is at forefront of our core focuses, over the last year alone we have provided over £1M of Social Impact in the communities in which we work in and continue to leave a legacy in our communities.  
We have launched Head -Start and Giving – Back Initiatives and utilised both for Housing 21.
  •   Head start is designed to promote employability for people with the communities we work in. We visited local schools and provided career talks.
  •   Give-Back - designed to give back to the communities, providing time and materials to support local community initiatives.  

During Christmastime in 2021, Housing 21 received numerous Christmas hampers on behalf of Hankinson celebrating 45 years trading. Due to the sheer volume of residents we were unable to provide hampers to each individual homes so Sean Briggs, Operations Manager and his team worked closely with Scheme Managers, Tracey and Lindsay to establish a suitable distribution list.
Lindsay commented “I wouldn’t like to pick individual residents; therefore, they will be put into the communal lounges for the residents to pick from.”

“Fantastic levels of customer care throughout this Framework Contract and the operatives in the team always go the extra mile to resolve any issues”