ENGIE Regeneration LTD - Roofing & Windows

Works - Gorton Roofing and Window replacement Works

Value - £100,000

Contract Length - 6 months


Roof renewal works with AMC elements as part of an energy efficiency improvement scheme and full house window replacement in uPVC double glazed units.
Scope of Works 
We successfully delivered the project within the timeline and budget. Management of work included:
  • On site meeting to survey and identify potential issues prior to physical start. 
  • Advice provided on design/roof build up 
  • Exploratory/enabling works undertaken to highlight unknown details such as asbestos and variation in resin repair methodology, additional onsite meetings with client to discuss and agree variations. 
  • Client’s programme of works preference discussed and implemented 
  • Regular/daily telephone communication between Contract manager and Client 
  • Onsite meetings with Site manager and client. 
  • Regular email communication with all parties concerned. 
  • Flexible team, designed to respond quickly to both reactive and planned works programmes
  • Issue live work programme updates to stakeholders, including PDF summaries, pictures and videos 
  • Map key data such as property-specific notes, quality check progress, specification Compliance Reports, health and safety data ensuring a high level of customer and client satisfaction.

"Fantastic delivery of the project with continuous communication throughout from the Hankinson Team. We are extremely happy with the replacement windows and new roofing that was provided to our homes."