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Offices & Factories

Hankinson offer a wide range of surface solutions for office and factory environments. We appreciate how hard it can be to plan and facilitate a redecoration of either of these environments and our Services Team has a great deal of experience in enabling this to happen with the minimum of disruption to your organisation.

Redecorating offices and factories will provide improved building integrity, a better image for your business and a fresh environment for your employees to operate within. Our specialist coatings offer the ability to improve endurance of surfaces and additionally, introduce specialist coatings such as Hygienic Coatings in food preparation areas and Anti-Graffiti solutions in areas sensitive to vandalism.

Our work teams and materials are carefully thought out to be sensitive to your environment. Where necessary, works can be completed overnight to ensure minimum disruption throughout the working day and low odour, quick drying paints can ensure a pleasant environment for your employees even while work is ongoing.

We are able to offer a variety of solutions to maintain your properties. For more information, contact us now.

Office Painting