Salvation Army Housing Association

Works - Bathroom & Kitchen renewals 2021-2023   
Value - £2,400,000.00
Contract Length - 1 years plus further annual extension
Salvation Army Housing Association (SAHA) is a registered provider that started developing housing and services in 1959. It is a wholly controlled subsidiary of The Salvation Army and has grown into a specialist provider of support and accommodation across England. Kingstown Property Limited and SAHA Developments Limited are subsidiaries of SAHA. It currently owns approximately 3500 units of accommodation located across England and comes into contact with over 6000 service users across 64 local authority areas annually. Hankinson Limited are an approved SAHA Contractor
Scope of Works
The replacement kitchen and bathroom works were carried out to both empty properties and occupied  properties alike. Additionally we provided some wet room conversions also where required. 
There was an element of remodelling of some existing layouts to enable us to facilitate the new installations. Hankinson comply at all times with the requirements set out in the general and specific preliminaries supplied by SAHA. 
Daily Inspection Requirements
For homes that were already occupied this included:
  •   All necessary protection to floor coverings, furniture and the like. 
  •   Adequate ‘End of Day Checks’ required at the end of the working day to each open property by a competent person(s) appointed by Hankinson. 
  •   These checks must ensure that the resident has adequate welfare facilities, as described below: 
  1. Cooking facilities
  2. Temporary sink and mains supplied drinking water
  3. Electricity
  4. Heating.
  5. Washing and toilet facilities
  6. Adequate floor protection with no trip hazards
  7. No material, debris or tools are to be left in the dwelling or in the communal areas
For empty properties this included:
  •   All necessary security of the property was provided, double checked and signed off. 
  •   Adequate ‘End of Day Checks’ required at the end of the working day to each empty property by a competent person(s) appointed by Hankinson. 
  1. Daily housekeeping so that no material, debris or tools were left within the dwellings or in the communal areas.
  2. No other obvious hazards were present.
Kitchen Specification
Units and worktops for each kitchen are supplied by Magnet Rixonway Only from the ‘Trieste’ range and delivered to site when required. We rented a storage unit within the area to store the materials and also surplus stock as part of our contingency plan. Worktops were supplied in four colours. Cupboards supplied in six colours. New and existing services were to run behind units in the existing service spaces. Glass splashbacks and hob backs were available in four colours.
Bathroom Fittings Specification
We used ProCare to survey and supply the bathroom goods as ProCare facilitate a holistic approach to supply the whole of the bathroom goods therefore reducing the need for site storage and supply issues. All bathroom goods were supplied in white as specified by SAHA.
Added Value
During the works our East Midlands team offered work experience to a SAHA resident, Westley Doran.
Working closely with Scheme Manager, Sharon Willett, we were delighted to hear that our opportunity offered, has since made a huge impact in Westley life. 
Scheme Manager, Sharon Willett
“A huge example of transforming lives whilst living in our service. Westley a resident for over 3 years who has in his own words become a mature young man, from an irresponsible person who made unwise choices and impacted on others. Westley, through support sessions, activities, and engagement in what the service offers, has transformed his outlook, his days from staying in bed all day to up early every morning going to gym, doing activities, and loving life.
An opportunity came up at the service with some planned works taking place for x13 new bathrooms, for a tenant to be a resident’s rep for health and safety and keeping residents informed working alongside Hankinson’s the contractors doing the works. The old Westley would not have wanted to do this nor would have been able to, however Westley jumped at the opportunity and the responsibility given.
Westley worked alongside Olly Meer, Hankinson’s Site Manager and attended meetings with tenants, Hankinson’s team, and contractors during the 4 weeks schedule. Westley was given some PPE, notebook and pen and loved the opportunity.
Westley’s work with Hankinson’s also did not go unnoticed – he received a certificate of achievement for his work experience and a high street voucher for £100! In addition an offer of a reference from Head of Operations at Hankinson’s Andrew Besford was made. We also nominated Westley for the resident’s award for winter 2021, Westley was a runner up, and received a certificate of recognition from SAHA and the customer insight team recognising his exceptional work and professional attitude in his role as Tenant Representative and also his support for other tenants.
We held a celebration in the garden for Westley with other tenants and invited his mum along as this was a huge achievement for him and his mum, his mum recognised that the transformation in her son, was life changing and thanked everyone for their support and opportunities given to her son, giving them both hopes for his future.
Wesley thanked SAHA and staff at Roseberry for all their continued support and for not giving up on him and also Hankinson’s for giving him an opportunity to showcase his transformation and accept responsibility”.
Hankinson Limited, Head of Operations, Andrew Besford
“I was delighted to hear that Westley had joined our team in Middlesbrough and I am reliably informed that his hard work in assisting with customer communication and health and safety were critical to the successful completion of the project.

We hope that Westley enjoyed the time spent working with us and we are sure that with his fantastic attitude to work hard he will  be very successful in all his future ventures”.

Successful Delivery 
The works were originally scheduled to be completed over 2 years, but at the request of SAHA we reprogrammed the works, increased our resources and supplier engagement to deliver the project in just 1 year.
‘We are overwhelmed by the amount of positive feedback that has been received throughout the contract, which is fantastic news and also with Hankinson new to SAHA, to get feedback like this on the first complete batch of handovers is absolutely brilliant.’