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COVID-19 Response

Helping Our Clients Deliver Services Safely With COVID-19 Secure Services

Hankinson’s top priority is the health and safety of our employees and of the communities we serve.

We want to reassure our clients and give them confidence that our team is ready to return work safely and protect their staff and their stakeholders. We, and the construction industry generally, have worked tirelessly during the pandemic in preparing the necessary processes and procedures to operate safely both on-site, in the office, or remotely. These Include preparing our own COVID-19 specific RAMS and complying with the Site Operating Procedures issued by the Construction Leadership Council (CLC) and the instructions issued by the Department For Business Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) ‘Working Safely During COVID-19’.

For more detailed information:

If you would rather speak to somebody about how we can operate safely on your site please call our Head Of Operations Andy Besford on 07887 895731 or our Group SHEQ Manager Colin Cunningham 07596 857145.

If you want to read on how we are helping our staff return safely to our offices: