Paints for the Green Generation

Paints for the Green Generation Back

Date published: October 1, 2018

Our Group Chief Executive, Stephen Hankinson, recently had a meeting that will be of great interest to those who seek paints with a strong environmental impact.

Stephen recently held an interesting meeting with Ben Sturges, Head of Business Development for the Graphene Company (London) Limited. The Graphene Company are UK agents for Graphenstone Paints.

Ben relayed to Stephen:

Graphenstone is a brand of 100% natural, breathable coatings, incorporating inert Nano-material carbon graphene, the strongest element known to science. This has enhanced lime and silicate bases with Class 1 strength and elasticity for the first time in history, while retaining extensive health and ecological benefits.

Distributed in 45 countries around the world, Graphenstone’s unique range is now available in the UK offering a durable, natural and sustainable solution.

Full product information is available on their website and catalogues including recent global projects, with many internationally important commercial and heritage sites.

Graphenstone are looking to introduce themselves and connect with Architects, Designers and Contractors who are involved with and whose interest lies in areas such as sustainability and passivhaus as well as heritage and restoration. As a natural, sustainable paint system with BREEAM, LEED and Cradle2Cradle certifications, Graphenstone is the most environmentally aware and eco-friendly paint on the market.



  • Exhaustive list of certifications, including EPD’s
  • Cradle to Cradle Institute Gold certification for white paint products and Silver for colour paints (unique for a paint company)
  • Green Tag Level A & Health Gold
  • EU Eco Label
  • Environmental Product Declaration Approved
  • Leed USGBC Approved
  • BREEAM Approved



  • A unique fusion of lime with 21st century carbon nanotech graphene (with silicate added for colour blends), providing strength and durability
  • Fireproof Class Warrington Fire rating – BS 0, EU A1 – non-combustible
  • Class 1 strength
  • Wash ability – Class 1 EN 13300
  • Natural & Ecological; Zero VOC’s, formaldehyde, plastics or petro-chemicals
  • High CO2 capture (4.8kg per 15 litre pot for lime whites) and air-purifying – carbon footprint 0.007 Tn CO2e/15l according to PAS 2050:2011
  • Health benefits for occupants; paints are breathable – Sd value = Class 1
  • Limits pathologies derived from sick building syndrome (sBs)
  • Proof against bacteria, insects, smells, fungus and mould


Other Benefits:

  • Unique level of elasticity due to the introduction of graphene, resulting in no cracking
  • Graphene’s Nano molecular structure results in a superior adhesion to the painted surface
  • Exceptional lifespan resulting in a reduction in snagging and maintenance costs
  • Up to 70% paint solid content leading to greater opacity and improved coverage ratios than most other paint systems


The Hankinson Group is now working with the Graphene Company to identify clients that are attracted to this unique product.