Our 'EPIC' Painting of Colourful Dragon's Bridge, Cumbria

Our 'EPIC' Painting of Colourful Dragon's Bridge, Cumbria Back

Date published: October 2, 2018

Our EPIC Painting division, in Cumbria, recently took part in the repainting of a bridge for a socio-economic project in Cleator Moor, Cumbria. This charitable work was done for an organisation called The Colourful North, which was organised through a charity that we were encouraged to work with. The work saw the repainting of a graffiti-clad bridge called Dragons Bridge – the project had asked this area to be repainted white so that it would be a blank canvas to allow local and young artists to have a fresh area to cover with colourful artwork! The operatives who worked on this project were Lewis Mills, Phil Harris and Jordan Suart.

The client wrote to us after completion to thank EPIC for the work that was done:

“I just wanted to pass my thanks on to you and EPIC Painting. It has been a job well done and we are ready to go for our event tomorrow afternoon.

We have made a public announcement leading up to our event and I wanted to say thanks to Jordan, Brian and the rest of the lads that helped out.” – Matthew Labourne, The Colourful North

The Dragons Bridge has now been painted by the local young artists involved in The Colourful North Project, and we think you’ll agree that it looks amazing.


The Colourful North aims to promote culture through art with the residents of the West Cumbria community. The inspiration behind The Colourful North has come from the founder’s experience of living in Melbourne, where the vibrant city has utilised street art to its advantage by transforming and restoring areas once considered undesirable, allowing a more positive outlook with the local community and allowing tourism to flourish through the suburbs which were previously avoided.

The Colourful North prioritises cultural responsibility, preventing undesirable artwork and promoting high quality street art to revolutionise bland, dull and industrial eyesores into respectable and aesthetically pleasing pieces of artwork in their own right.

The community art developments are conducted by local youth, vulnerable adults and the public, and will be a community-led initiative.

The Colourful North needs support in order to continue their great work, and donations are always welcome. Please visit their website for more information: http://www.thecolourfulnorth.com/