Meet Our New Apprentices!

Meet Our New Apprentices! Back

Date published: February 2, 2018

Following on from a meeting that Jeremy Hankinson organised with Wirral Met College a few months ago, and after involvement from Contracts Coordinator Carl Hampton and HR Manager Louise Dunbar in the selection process, we are pleased to announce that two new apprentices have joined Whittle Programmed!

Deanna Robinson and Hugh Hartley are starting on site this week, and they have both said that they are excited and looking forward to starting with us and having a long and successful career with the company.

John Invernizzi of Wirral Met College was the contact responsible for supplying our apprentices, and it is particularly noteworthy that John had actually been employed as a painter with Hankinson Group many years ago before he started lecturing at the college.

As a major employer we have always been totally committed to apprenticeships and have historically shown our commitment to training.

Jeremy Hankinson said, “We recognise that our apprentices provide our skilled workers for the future and tend to become highly motivated and loyal members of staff.”

We are delighted to welcome Deanna and Hugh into the team and wish them all the very best.