Hankinson Group Recognised as One of the Greenest Fleets!

Hankinson Group Recognised as One of the Greenest Fleets! Back

Date published: October 10, 2018

Twelve months ago in October 2017, Hankinson Group published an article on their website stating their intention to reduce their C02 emissions and environmental impact as a company. This started with the implementation of an electric company vehicle at Head Office, along with the installation of an electric car charging point in our Headquarters car park.

Since this time, Hankinson Group has been making further dramatic inroads into reducing C02 emissions within our liveried fleet of company vehicles.

A telematics system was implemented by company Masternaut, with a state of the art system that provides information on fuel consumption, driving techniques, exceptional driving events such as harsh braking, as well as providing instant and historical journey data showing speeds, distance, location, etc. Hankinson Group now get detailed weekly reports summarising the fleet performance on such issues as fuel consumption / costs, excessive idling costs, speeding and excessive braking per vehicle, as well as per driver.

Our drivers have been making a concerted effort to improve their driving to become both safer and more economical by following the lightbar system installed in their vehicles, which provides instant feedback on quality of driving with green lights and red.

Our weekly reports have showed that our drivers have been consistently driving more efficiently since the new system was implemented in March 2018. We have also received recognition for our investment in fuel efficiency, and have been recognised as one of Masternaut’s greenest customers! Hankinson Group is actively measuring fuel consumption with Masternaut's CAN clip technology. In recognition of becoming a more efficient fleet since using the Masternaut lightbar system which has been installed in our company vans, we have now achieved a bronze fleet C02 certification.

Amy Pohribnyj, Group SHEQ Manager said “The Masternaut lightbar system is brilliant for us to monitor and influence driver behaviour as well as vehicle performance. As a Group we have on average improved our mpg per vehicle from 35 to 37. We have currently reduced the amount of C02 we could have been producing by around 2000kg per month! The improvement is already evident in the data and will be critical to setting and meeting our new environmental targets in the future.”