Stolzle Flaconnage's Maintenance Programme

In December 2006, a team of eight painters from Whittle completed a repaint of Stolzle Flaconnage’s glass making plant in West Yorkshire in just two weeks. Stolzle Flaconnage’s Knottingley plant manufactures specialist high quality glass containers for the prestige spirits, cosmetics & fragrance industries worldwide. The company has had a relationship with Whittle for over ten years, and in late 2006 Stolzle Flaconnage committed to a new seven year maintenance programme involving several additional areas along with another initial repaint of the existing packaging area which had been painted & maintained over the past five years under a previous agreement.

In December 2006, a planned overhaul of all plant and equipment within the Cold End Packaging & Lehr area provided an ideal opportunity for the initial repaint to be carried out. In just two weeks the Whittle team erected 25 tonnes and 3.5 miles of independent scaffold and the associated mobile access equipment, transported it all up on to the first floor mezzanine area of the plant and completed the repaint in time for production to restart on schedule at the end of January.