Bromford Housing Group

Bromford Housing Group

Bromford Housing Group is a Housing Association and Registered Social Landlord (RSL) providing affordable housing and support to people in the greatest housing need.

They currently manage or provide support to over 19,000 homes across Central England, South Midlands and surrounding counties to the South West and South East.

Hankinson have recently been providing Bromford Housing with Anti Graffiti coatings to control a problem which was beginning to appear in some of their common areas.

Hankinson were given the task to apply Anti G, a coating that eliminates the need to re-coat after graffiti damage.

Repeated washing and removal of marker pens, aerosols and graffiti with solvents will also not damage or affect the gloss surface.

Health and safety was an issue as the coatings were being installed to the walls and ceilings of public areas of the stairs.

As the tenants had to have access to their flats during the work, it was critical that the environmental impact was kept to a minimum. The products utilised were solvent free which avoided a problem with fumes. Work tools were cleared every evening and secured to avoid any problems with vandalism.

Overall the introduction of the anti graffiti coatings has radically reduced the vandalism in the block of flats and has improved the overall quality of living in the area.