Industrial Coatings Applicator Trailblazer Apprenticeship Scheme Approved Back

Date published: September 28, 2018

Stephen Hankinson, CEO of Wirral-based Hankinson Group and Chair of the Trailblazer Employers Group, is delighted to report that after two years of planning, the Apprenticeship Standard and End Point Assessment for Industrial Coatings Applicator has now been approved for delivery by the Institute for Apprenticeships. This will allow for the training, development and certification of new applicators by registered training providers.

This apprenticeship has been developed by the Employers Group supported by the Training Committee of National Highways Sector Scheme 19A.

Industrial coating applicators play a key role in protecting the nation’s infrastructures from deterioration for the benefit of existing and future generations, however, there is currently a shortfall in not only the ‘next generation’ of applicators coming through the industry supply chain but also current availability of trained applicators based on present demand for this key skilled role.

Stephen Hankinson, Chair of the Employers Group said: “Finally getting the standard approved for delivery is a timely reward after two years of effort.

“There is an urgent need to get apprentices into our sector to meet the demands of forthcoming infrastructure projects - not only national projects but specifically those planned for the North West. Having highly skilled Industrial painters available and delivering quality work helps reduce whole life cost of assets and reduces risk due to asset failure."

David Horrocks, Chair of the Training Committee of National Highways Sector Scheme 19A said: “The committee, in conjunction with the Employer Group, has worked extremely hard over the last couple of years to not only develop the apprenticeship standard and EPA but have the passion and commitment to see this through to a successful outcome; all of those involved in making this happen should be extremely proud of themselves.”

The Employer Group and the Training Committee are now working with professional and educational institutions and employers to ensure that the apprenticeship standard is delivered as soon as possible and no later than Q1 2019.

Stephen Hankinson also said: “The Hankinson Group is hoping to recruit its first industrial apprentices in early 2019 and reinforce its commitment to apprenticeship training.”

This End Point Assessment (EPA) is also approved and is the culmination of the apprenticeship and is designed to enable Apprentices to demonstrate occupational competence as an Industrial Coatings Applicator, and to ensure that they meet the skills, knowledge and behaviour outcomes as defined in the apprenticeship standard. Typically, apprentices will have to complete 18 months on-programme working towards the apprenticeship standard, with a minimum of 20% off-the-job training. At the end of the apprenticeship, the candidates that complete the Standard and EPA will be awarded a Certificate of Apprenticeship for Industrial Coatings Application.

The Trailblazer apprenticeship has developed further a review of apprenticeships commission by the UK government resulting in a recommendation that there was a more employer-based approach to develop, deliver and fund apprentices.