Spruce Up with Whittle Programmed Maintenance Limited

Spruce Up with Whittle Programmed Maintenance Limited Back

Date published: May 22, 2015

The ongoing management of an estate can be a challenging proposition for any Bursar or School Business Manager.  There is an expectation from stakeholders of a well-kept building both internally and externally, an ethos that must be upheld within the sector.
This places added strain on internal budgets to deliver in line with those expectations.  An estate or building forms one or more of the obvious elements where value can be demonstrated and identified instantaneously.

Whittle Programmed Maintenance offer long-term programmed maintenance arrangements with costs spread over the lifetime of the programme (typically 5 years) which reduce the ongoing challenge of keeping up to date.

They help identify key areas that must be maintained regularly.  This may include internal and/or external areas, classrooms, staircases, reception areas etc.  Most budgets will not stretch to a full year-on-year maintenance programme, so  Whittle help to manage costs of a long-term programme to ensure that it meets budget.  Their approach is to incorporate the costs of the first major repaint across the project.  At this initial stage, all surfaces are prepared and repainted to establish uniformity of finish and appearance.  By spreading payments over the period of the maintenance programme, budgeting and outlay become manageable, even though the majority of the work may be completed in the first year.  Year-on-year the same care, quality products and materials are used, negating the need for further major works.  Long-term problems, therefore, are prevented before they start, saving against future costs.